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Her clients’ current credits include co-starring roles on the soap operas All My Children and The Young and the Restless, HBO’s True Detective and Entourage, AMC’s Mad Men, ABC’s Scandal, CBS’s NCIS and Criminal Minds, Nickelodeon’s Victorious, Disney’s Jessie and a recurring Guest Star role on Lab Rats.   Principal roles in national commercials for Little Caesars, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Samsung, Disneyland, MasterCard, Pepsi, Chevrolet and Lens Crafters in addition to print campaigns for Guess, H&M, LG, Sony, Allergan, Gap, Children’s Place, Target, Neiman Marcus, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Apparel.  Her clients have appeared in films that have been screened at Cannes Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival and have been featured in the 2016 Oscar Nominated film, Straight Outta Compton.

Nestled away in the village of the hillside seaside community of La Jolla, California some 90 miles from the glitz and glam of Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world is the office of Talent Manager, Camie Carpenter, who represents almost 300 credited film/TV actors ( in addition to her stable of models and commercial talent, ranging in age from six months to mid-eighties.  “I cannot promise fame and fortune,” says Camie, who is brutally honest to prospective talent when first come to see her, “I can’t do the work for you,” she explains, “But this really like any business, but in this case it just happens to be you.”

With a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Southern California, she was cherry picked by a Fortune 50 Company for a major account position, being one of only three women in an elite division of 200 nationally.  The beauty industry was her next stop, doubling sales within a year and a half for the division she directed nationally, Revlon recently bought the company.    

“The question everyone always asks me how I got into this business,” says Camie, “Well I was sitting in the lobby of my office reading the paper and this guy walking in and said, you should be in show business, I started laughing, but it turned out he managed up and coming talent and was looking for office space.   Long story short here we are over a decade later.”  

I was lucky enough to stop by on a day that Michaela Carrozza who plays Catlin on Disney’s Lab Rats was also in the office.   Michaela has been in the business for the past seven years,  she began her career in theatre, her first TV credit was a recurring Guest Star role on Nickelodeon’s  iCarly and has had principal roles in national commercials for McDonalds and Coke Zero to name a few.  Michaela’s advice, “I believe if you set your mind to something, you can accomplish anything,” well she is certainly doing that as a successful actress. Camie meets with her clients on a regular basis for updates on what they have been doing; auditions, keeping up with social networking, industry events, updating the resume, red carpet events, updating photos and then like any manager reviews short and long term making sure talent is on track.

Another client of Camie’s, Merrick McCartha, who has appeared as a Co-star on six network shows, explains he didn’t know anything about the business when he got started, but walked into Camie’s office, “She helped me, she guided me, she really got me going and still gives me a lot of opportunities for work for work and I really appreciate her always.”  Her clients are also involved in the industry in other ways as well, Casey Robinson is the Vice President, SAG-AFTRA San Diego Local, Sarah Merritt-Eastman is the Vice President of the National Board of Review and Dr. Judy Bauerlein is the Dean for the Theatre Department at Cal State, San Marcos.  She represents all walks of life from Surgeons, Lawyers, Dentists, Professional Athletes, Tennis Pros, Wealth Advisors, Engineers, Authors, Sommeliers, Life Coaches, Business Owners, School Teachers, Bartenders, College Students, Active Duty Military, Construction Workers, Retail Sales Clerks, Yoga Teachers, Personal Trainers, News Reporters, Radio Personalities, Housewives, Car Wash Attendants, Law Enforcement, Firemen, YouTubers, Instagrammers, retired people, kids and teens, you get the idea, Camie says, “Anyone can do this at some level as long as there is an interest and a desire to.”

Besides working with professional talent and those just started out, her priority is building relationships, her office and cell phone ring off the hook.  Sam Warren, CSA (Casting Society of America) called about a new project and Tom Logan, DGA (Director Guild of America) called to check her schedule for April.  Tom is a member of the Academy which votes for the Emmy Awards and the Oscars.  She tells Tom to say something nice about her and hands me the phone, I remember Tom from General Hospital he was on the show for eight years before he moved into Directing.  “Camie’s devotion to her clients is sincere and ethical.  She opens doors for her talent and obtains opportunities that might possibly secure their big breaks.  Having said that, it’s up to the actors to follow through.  I, as the industry as a whole, am so blessed to work with people like Camie.  She is a credit to the entertainment industry,” says Tom.

In 2006 Camie cast her first short film, her clients CG Thomas and Gerren Hall have given her the opportunity to also get in front camera building her acting credits just as she tells her clients to do, in addition she does a bit of commercial print modeling.  “Being on set really helps give me insight into what my clients go through,” says Camie, “But I prefer the life as a Talent Manger for now.”

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