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Dr. Kurt LeJeune: 

Sweet Smiles And Dreams With Comprehensive Care

Written By Jennifer Niskanen

Having a comprehensive practice that includes more than just dentistry is important to Dr. Kurt LeJeune of Cypress Dental (http://www.cypressdental.com). “We treat all aspects of someone’s dental needs, and we work closely with our patients’ physicians for them to reach optimal health.”


Using the most biocompatible materials, from US certified labs, to construct their restorations are essential to that, as well as following special protocols when removing the amalgam fillings from people’s mouths. For example, providing a mercury safe environment, they give the patient pure oxygen to breathe and use a high-speed evacuation system to remove mercury vapors and dust that come out of old restorations, as well as a rubber dam to protect the patient. “When you’re using biocompatible materials and top-quality materials, you have a more predictable result and high-quality materials last longer,” says LeJeune. A complete smile can be restored in as little as two sessions. According to LeJeune, that kind of regular, quality dental care can have far-reaching aesthetic and health benefits.


“As a dentist, I think that it’s our responsibility to have a complete knowledge of the whole body and how our oral health affects the whole body and it’s systems. Many times, we can help the patient because we see early signs of diseases before physicians do, and many of these conditions or diseases can be recognized early and referred to their physicians at early stages,” Dr. Kurt LeJeune.


Cypress Dental offers oral appliance therapy to treat sleep apnea, which involves closely following-up both with both patients and their physician. One of their unique strategies to help deal with this problem is that they actually titrate the oral appliances right in their office, adjusting it under their direct supervision to get more predictable results than many other offices that instead just depends on the individual patients. A sleep study, to check the apnea appliance’s effectiveness at the end of the treatment, when they feel that the appliance has reached it’s maximum effectiveness, also provides a crucial final step to the process. LeJeune explains that wearing such oral appliances to treat sleep apnea is a long-term, possibly even a lifetime commitment, but that the direct treatment, supervised by the office, takes about six months, over multiple appointments.


“Statistically, women seek all types of care much more often than men, and it’s often women that push their husbands to come and receive sleep apnea therapy because they’re not in the same bed, or they’re disturbing their sleep. I think, when it comes to seeking health care, women are really the ones rather than men,” Dr. Kurt LeJeune.


That means that apnea treatment can provide better rest for two people, instead of just one. The treatment of migraines, facial and jaw pain is also met in LeJeune’s practice with a holistic, multidisciplinary approach, in keeping with his goal towards his patient’s comprehensive care. It may include nonsurgical treatments and physical therapy modalities, such as trigger-point injections, or the use of different oral appliances. Laser therapy can be used as well in the form of a cold laser that doesn’t produce any heat or cut tissue, which works on the pain and and inflammatory wavelengths to reduce muscle and jaw-joint inflammation and pain, over several sessions. Botox and other cosmetic fillers can be used in the office to relax fine wrinkles around the lips and mouth to further enhance restorations for, “a more youthful and healthy look,” but they can also treat headaches and muscle pain.


“A lot of times, people have dysfunction of the jaw joint and dysfunction of the musculature of the head, neck and face, as a result of jaw joint problems and so that’s what we try to treat. You know when you’re in constant pain, you don’t sleep well, and it does affect the overall healing capabilities of the body. We also use a multiple, disciplinary approach to treatment, as well, with the use of other health-care providers, such as physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists,” Dr. Kurt LeJeune.


To avoid problems, like cavities, LeJeune advises daily flossing and consistent preventative dental visits as the most significant things people can do to have a healthy mouth, and thereby, improve the overall health of their body. Usually, most patients return every six months, unless it has been recommended otherwise by a doctor or dentist because some patients build up tartar and plaque faster than others and might need to be seen more frequently.


“There’s been a lot of connections between oral bacteria and common diseases that we suffer from today, like inflammatory diseases and diabetes . . . that has been linked directly back to the bacteria that are found within the mouth. And, the main entryway into the body is in through the mouth, so that’s why it’s important to make sure that you floss daily and seek preventative care on a regular basis,” Dr. Kurt LeJeune.


Comprehensive care is more than just sweet talk at LeJeune’s Cypress Dental. They help patients sleep better and feel less pain, working as a team with the patient and their physician, to sweeten smiles and dreams for a healthy body and a good night’s rest.


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