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Most of Dr. Nalluri’s patients are referred to him by his former patients and doctors across Florida. His excellence in the field of plastic surgery has made him a sought-after plastic surgeon. Unlike most some doctors who practice plastic surgery, Dr. Raja Nalluri has undergone extensive training in the field. He is a board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, perhaps the hardest certification to attain for any plastic surgeon. In addition, he uses excellent techniques he experienced from world renowned physicians, making sure he achieves great results without compromising the safety of the patient.

This is perhaps why he hardly does any advertising. His plastic surgery practice is not a gamble resulting from doing a few courses. Most people would rather visit a fully certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and numerous certifications. In addition to this, Dr. Nalluri has been rated as one of the top doctors by Castle Connolly and U.S. News & World Report, independent agencies that rate doctors based on their quality. This type of recognition by independent agencies is not something you can buy.  Other prestigious awards bestowed on Dr. Nalluri include America’s Best Physicians and Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Top Plastic Surgeons in Florida.

As a result of his excellent reputation, many patients contact him through his website. Dr. Nalluri does not believe in doing as many procedures as possible. Instead of quantity, Dr. Nalluri prefers to have a manageable number of patients. That way, he can take enough time with each patient to make sure the results are exactly as desired.

“My practice is not run like a factory, where we are doing a large number of cases each day. It’s something where each individual I take individual time and give them sort of that individual attention,” says the doctor.

Dr. Nalluri’s father was a doctor and inspired him immensely. Growing up in Youngstown, Ohio he wanted to be just like his dad. When he went to medical school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio he got to experience the different fields. He fell in love with plastic surgery. Dr. Nalluri says he loved the immediate satisfaction he could provide for his patients. He also says he loved the fact that plastic surgery is artistic, challenging and rewarding. In plastic surgery, you are also not confined in a box; sometimes you have to create and use your thinking to come up with a solution for individual patients.

Dr. Nalluri used to play tennis in high school. They He used to visit Florida for tennis training and games. After experiencing the area, he liked it. When he had a chance to finish his training, there was no doubt in his mind that the best place to go to start his career was Florida.

Today, Dr. Nalluri’s most popular procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and facelifts. His patients range from teenagers as young as 16 and 17 years old to middle-aged mothers who may want restoration of their breast and abdomen anatomy. He also serves the older generation that is looking to deal with sagging eyelids and such other age-related issues.

Dr. Nalluri takes around four hours an hour with each patient. This time allows him to listen to their expectations and concerns as well as understand their needs. He also takes the time to show them sample results of his past work and help them understand the process. He also gives them educational materials they can go through before undergoing whichever procedure they are seeking for. Different procedures take varied lengths of time for the patient to heal and go back to performing their day to day activities. Laser procedures, peels, and injections, for instance, have little to no recovery time. Some of them can be done over lunch and the patient is able to go back to work. Procedures that use general anesthesia like facelifts, breast and abdomen procedures take a week or two. Full body makeovers usually take a little over two weeks.

To slow down aging, good health habits are a must. Before you consider surgery, it is important to practice good nutrition, avoid smoking, minimize exposure to sunlight, and employ a good skin regimen. These simple practices can drastically slow down aging. Dr. Nalluri also says it is important to avoid large weight gains and losses. Beyond this, there are other circumstances that make it needful that someone undergoes a procedure to deal with these signs of aging. These include skin laxity from pregnancy or weight loss or signs of aging as a result of their genetics. Dr. Nalluri says before making the decision to go through plastic surgery, it is important that you seek a number of expert opinions. He says some doctors say they are board certified without mentioning which board has certified them.

“The only board that is requiring the amount of training to really have a surgeon be capable of performing these procedures faithfully and effectively is the American Board of Plastic Surgery,” he says, “Other boards may simply be as simple as applying and paying a fee and taking a weekend course.”

Dr. Nalluri’s daily routines include running, and weight-lifting. He is a fitness advocate who received a Presidential Academic Fitness Award and was Valedictorian in 1989. To get in touch with Dr. Nalluri, you can visit his website at www.nalluri.com. You can also call this number: 941-752-7842 (941-PLASTIC). For patients far away, he has FaceTime and Skype consultations.

Due to the popularity of plastic surgery, it has become commonplace for people to go to whichever doctor that is offering the lowest price or the most advertising. Dr. Nalluri says this is leading to patients who are either misinformed or uninformed, creating unnecessary trouble and complications. He urges patients to look for that board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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