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In his early 20’s Dr. Jose Sandoval suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In his journey he discovered there is a big difference between being healed and cured. He says while he is not cured, he is completely healed and fully able. According to Dr. Sandoval, healing comes from inner wellness and you can regain balance through divine practices. Dr. Sandoval is an accomplished psychologist who prefers functional medicine to conventional medicine. He has dedicated his entire career and life to identifying and dealing with the root causes of chronic ailments through tapping into the power of functional medicine. This, he believes, is the way to revolutionize healthcare. A big part of why he does what he does stems from his deep rooted belief that everyone deserves a revitalized life, and that everyone can create that full life they would want to live.
Dealing with anxiety, stress and depression can take a toll on even the strongest of us. Dr. Sandoval uses his expertise to help people who find themselves in these kinds of difficult situations. His personal experiences put him at an advantage, helping him understand the kind of pain his patients must be experiencing and using this knowledge to advise them on the best way forward. He helps people to not only overcome stress and depression but also go ahead to live a complete and gratifying life filled with joy.
By design, Dr. Sandoval’s services are unlike those of other medical practitioners. His services are diverse and apply a holistic integrative approach in tackling patients’ problems. He instills in people simple and practical skills that can be applied at home. The efficiency of these skills is impressive and the results obtained endure a long time. This way, his patients go back to living their lives in the best possible way, finding fulfillment all along the way.
Dr. Sandoval is an American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) board certified psychology practitioner. His key areas of expertise include dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma and binge eating. The healing process he uses incorporates therapeutic interventions including psycho-nutritional therapies and mindfulness. He has found that applying certain aspects of functional medicine eases a patient’s psychological trauma.
According to Dr. Sandoval, the path to healing is gradual and is dependent on the type of foods people feed on, the level of workouts/physical exercises they engage their bodies to, levels of emotional or physical toxins in their bodies and their ability to bring balance into their lives through certain spiritual practices.
Emotional and spiritual connections help people a great deal. When we are really happy, for instance, that wonderful emotional signal is transmitted to the entire nervous system. Spirituality helps people get connected to a higher power. When people get connected to the creator or to that spiritual energy, their bodies get into a very harmonious state alleviating the harmful chemicals that come about when they are not feeling good.
There are many reasons why many people, especially in the United States today experience chronic disorders. Top among those reasons is because many people today have forsaken the old order of things. Unlike in the past when people were part of a community, today, people live alone, work a lot and do not spend much time with their families and their communities.
Another reason Dr. Sandoval gives for the increased number chronic disorders is genetically modified organisms (GMOs). While some people argue for the need to have GMOs to feed an ever increasing human population, GMOs have been found to be destructive to animals which have similar physiology to that of human beings. The similarity in physiology helps pharmaceutical companies to first test their products on animals before they introduce them to humans. By extension, this means if the GMOs are harmful to animals, it is almost a guarantee they will be harmful to human beings too.
“Everyone needs some type of connection. Everyone needs some type of just community or tribe. We’re not having fun. We are not really living life. I think many people are just existing and going about and really doing things to survive. And that’s really creating an epidemic of disease in my opinion.”
Dr. Sandoval tailors his treatment plans to a particular person depending on what the person brings to him. His aim is to teach his patients more effective ways of coping with life. He helps them create a plan of action to lead them to more vitality. He tells his patients that being diagnosed does not mean much because it is just a label. He shares this with them to help them have more hope and believe that they could really be the agents of change in creating a new life.
Dr. Sandoval’s ideal client is someone who has tried other types of approaches to wellness and has been unsatisfied with the results; clients who are seeking for someone who would open their eyes to newer approaches to wellness. His ideal client is anyone who is looking for an unconventional or a holistic approach to offer relief from anxiety, depression or some kind of digestive issue.
Dr. Sandoval has applied his concept of functional medicine and has seen positive results in many of his clients. He is, therefore, convinced that this is the way forward in tackling chronic ailments. He believes that this precise model is the next big thing in the field of medicine. Dr. Sandoval says it is necessary to change our approach and overall healthcare activities in order to come up with sufficient and appropriate solutions to challenges in the health sector to enhance the quality of healthcare the world over. According to Dr. Sandoval, it is practically impossible to improve the quality of healthcare and ensure these chronic disorders are tackled while still relying on the same old medical approaches.
Dr. Sandoval advises people to slow down. He emphasizes the need to accord yourself time away from things that would otherwise keep you busy and occupied, that will in the long run bring you more harm than good. The pursuits we sometimes have keep us from cultivating peace and gratitude as well as reflecting upon all our thoughts and emotions, and states of being that go through our minds every moment of every single day. Dr. Sandoval says gratitude and appreciation are two wonderful ways of experiencing a change in your life. He recommends writing one thing each day you are grateful for that you have never been grateful for before.
“Take time each day to really slow down and to turn inwards, practicing appreciation and gratitude,” Dr. Sandoval says, “Focus on the things that are going well in your life instead of thinking about and focusing on things that are not going well in your life.”


Learn more about Dr. Sandoval: http://www.fullofradiance.com

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