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Everyone told him it was not possible, but Matthew David Hurtado went ahead to cure himself of Lyme disease using his mindset. Matthew was unreasonable. He consistently refused to align with what every medical doctor told him would be his fate. He opted for a mindset where Lyme disease would be unable to exist. He chose to be stubborn and changed his expectations even when it seemed like he was simply being hardheaded.

Today, Matthew Hurtado is completely cured of Lyme disease and is a successful businessman. His rise to success in business is the other incredible story of his life. In less than three years, he turned around his fortunes and moved from bankruptcy to making 7-figures. He is the CEO of Complete Ascentials and the author of Allow, an Amazon best-seller.

As Matthew struggled with the so-called incurable disease, his businesses suffered. At that moment, all he could think about was the probability that he was going to die. Everything crumbled around him. Then something strange happened; because death seemed so near, it took away from him the fear in every other area of his life. All of a sudden, he was making bold steps in his business. Because he was unafraid of losing everything in his business, he made bold steps he would never have under different circumstances. After all, what would a dying man have to lose?

If he chose to spend, he did it with absolutely no sense of fear or remorse. His mindset had shifted. Matthew could now afford to be vulnerable. He now had no problem risking it all. He was not afraid of rejection or the high probability that people would see his inadequacies. When Matthew kicked out fear, he gained everything he would ever have hoped for.

In his book, Allow, Matthew explains how people can move from struggling to get started to allowing the universe to deliver the results they seek. Because of the way he had been brought up, Matthew struggled to make success happen. He pushed every button he could think of to get himself to succeed, to no avail. He discovered that he was trying to do it with his own effort instead of allowing the universe to do it for him. As he began learning to let go and let the universe take over, things began to change. His hard work started paying off.

Matthew shares three crucial steps towards allowing prosperity into your life;

  1. Follow your highest excitement in every moment

Be true to yourself and do you. Don’t follow a path that everyone else thinks is good for you. Whatever excites you, take the rules of whether it is good or bad out of it.

  1. Embrace your dark side

Which side is this? Matthew says that usually, what you are really good at often got you in trouble when you were growing up. Growing up, Matthew was an excellent salesman. His mother would punish him for what she called manipulating others to get what he wanted. As years went by, Matthew realized the very thing he had been punished for is what he needed to succeed.

  1. Always have repellent forces working in your level of prosperity

If you fly a kite, you will see that the wind pushes against the kite keeping it up while you pull it down. Matthew says this happens with money too.

“There are things you can do to activate the law of reciprocity to have things come to you,” he says, “And the words you speak are the most important because what you speak is what you end up creating.”

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