Doctor Norm Shealy’s life has been marked by medical inventions that have changed how we understand medicine and health care. Dr. Shealy is an accomplished neurosurgeon who has dedicated his life to helping people manage stress and pain. While practicing at Western Reserve Medical School, he discovered it was possible to control pain by electrically stimulating the spinal cord and skin. Physicians around the world still use this invention to relieve pain.

Dr. Shealy developed the Dorsal Column Stimulator (DCS) to control pain. Each year, he would be sent an average of 400 patients that needed pain relief. However, most of these patients had been operated on so many times that they had become too emotionally and physically damaged. Only about 6 percent of these patients could undergo his procedure.
This drove Dr. Shealy to develop his pain rehabilitation program in 1971. He began with behavior modification for pain relief, creating a one-month-in-hospital program where patients would be required to be out of bed at 7 a.m. in the morning and were not allowed back in bed till 9:00 p.m. in the evening. All through the day, he kept the patients busy doing minor physical tasks. He recorded a pain relief success rate of lower than 70 percent in the first year.
About that time, Dr. Shealy learned about biofeedback and past life therapy. Biofeedback is feeding something happening in the body back to the patient so they can see, feel or hear it. Past life therapy involves regressing people to their previous reincarnations. He added these two techniques to his established pain relief program, and his success rate climbed to 80 percent. Through the years, he has helped over 30,000 patients who had been failed by conventional medicine, registering a success rate of 85 percent.
During the 70s, he added more health driven elements to his program, including nutrition, physical exercises and retraining the nervous system. Dr. Shealy developed Biogenics, which involved a variety of mental techniques for altering what comes into your consciousness from the body.
“You can talk to the body. You can learn to feel the pulsation of the heart beat. You can learn to direct what you feel and where the pulsations are. You can mentally collect pain with your breathing or you can imagine breathing through the skin and actually turn that area numb. You can make it anesthetic,” Dr. Shealy.

Dr. Shealy’s personal philosophy is that if you have an acute illness, most of the time you’re far better off going with conventional medicine, but if the initial medical treatment does not work, the side effects of conventional drugs can be appalling and they often do help a patient feel healthy or happy.
Dr. Shealy much more confident about his holistic approach to health and well-being. “I can control high blood pressure conservatively in 98 percent of people without drugs,” he says, “I mean, there’s nothing in medicine that is that good.”

Dr. Shealy founded the American Holistic Medical Association in 1978, where many of these holistic concepts were developed. Years of research led his association to incorporate anti-aging techniques into their holistic approach. Dr. Shealy discovered that low levels of oxytocin, DHEA and magnesium contribute to a lower life expectancy. He says raising their levels could raise the average life of a human being to 140 years.

Dr. Shealy says living a long time is not enough; living a happy life is even more important. 40 percent of Americans are clinically depressed. Another 40 percent are sub-clinically depressed. This means up to 80 percent of Americans are not happy. The number one reason for this is that 40 percent of all children born in America today are born out of wedlock. Most of these women spend their pregnancy concerned about their baby, one way or another from the time of conception. This means all through the pregnancy, the women do not produce any oxytocin. At the time of delivery, the baby should get a huge input of oxytocin. If the mother is put to sleep when giving birth or she is given spinal pain relief, she is unable to create any oxytocin, thus the baby does not get the all important oxytocin grounding that he or she needs to be happy later in life.
If there is a major physical or emotional trauma in the first seven years of the child’s life, it can also block the child’s ability to make oxytocin from that time forward. Divorce represents one of the most traumatic events a child can go through. Such a child may live to be unhappy all his or her life.
“It’s these social factors that block the single most important hormone for feeling good about yourself: oxytocin,” Dr. Shealy.
Dr. Shealy believes the ability to raise levels of oxytocin in the body is by far the most important discovery that he has ever made. He uses a blend of essential oils and has seen tremendous results. He also provides magnesium lotion which is more effective than taking magnesium through the mouth.
Another key to longevity and anti-aging has to do with telomeres. Telomeres make up the tail of DNA. They are known to shrink 1 percent every year from birth, in people with good health habits. The percentage is obviously higher for people with poor health habits. Dr. Shealy uses essential oils to rejuvenate telomeres and consequently encourages anti-aging in the body. He has demonstrated that his bliss oils help grow telomeres at least 4 percent every year.
“If the drugs are making you worse, as they often are, then you need to consider the holistic approach.” Dr. Shealy.
Dr. Shealy recently started the National Institute of Holistic Medicine. Partnering with other doctors, he plans to treat heart disease, chronic migraine, depression and chronic pain. He hopes this will become the most comprehensive holistic program anywhere in the world. Dr. Shealy is also training a nurse practitioner to take over a great deal of what he does, currently. He believes a holistic approach to health is not only more than 100 percent safer than conventional medicine; it can also beat the success of conventional medicine by 50 percent or more.
Presently, Norm Shealy is using email correspondence for consults with people outside Missouri. Anyone who wants to contact him for more information can send him an email: His essential oil products, his books and his magnesium lotions are available on his website:

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