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Veronica Grey | #WORLDCLASS Magazines Veronica Grey | #WORLDCLASS Magazines Veronica Grey is hard-pressed to name a bigger, more important ecological concern than the destruction being perpetrated on bees and on the ocean. As a surfer for most of her life, Veronica has dedicated a large portion of it to the ocean. Her surfing prowess has made her the world’s most televised surfer and has even brought her the title of the Queen of Surfing. Yet it is her humility that she cites as allowing her to be where she currently is. While surfing is still important to her, Veronica is also devoting a large chunk of her time towards ocean conservation and healthful living.

As a dedicated surfer Veronica is busy rating the Top 10 Surf Hotels on her website Apart from this, Veronica has also trademarked the world’s first and only line of shark-repellant swimwear, surfboards and wetsuits which can help beach-goers save life and limb.

In addition to this, Veronica has also written a book called Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: The 5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time. Veronica understands how in the 21st century there are so many things vying for our attention and many times our health is the least of our concerns. Therefore, to make sure that the word gets out, Veronica wrote an intentionally short book that seeks to educate the public on the ways to achieve wellness in today’s busy world. In it Veronica lists alcohol as one of the major threats to our overall health. She criticizes alcohol proponents who advocate wine as being healthy in moderation. Veronica believes that alcohol is a poison that ages us and that people would do much better without.

Apart from surfing and wellness, Veronica devotes a large amount of her time to conservation. Bees and sharks are critical to human to survival. Bees play an important role in fertilization in plants. Veronica reminds us that many of the fruits and vegetables that we eat on a daily basis are the result of bee pollination. Bee colonies have been devastated in recent years because of pollution and the use of dangerous pesticides. However, because of her surfing background and love for the sea, Veronica is even more invested in the fate of the ocean’s wildlife. She reminds us that over 60% of the world’s population lives near the earth’s coastlines. Therefore, it is important for us to be aware of what is afoot with the world’s oceans.

Sharks have been a part of this planet for millions of years. They preceded the arrival of birds and even trees. Sharks are the ocean’s apex predators consuming an abundance of smaller fish and even carrion. However, overfishing of sharks leads to an overgrowth of smaller fish populations. This in turn has a damaging effect on the coral reefs that smaller fish feed on. Loss of coral reefs could mean trouble for the planet and for humanity. Reefs do their part by absorbing the sunlight and filtering the ocean water. If the coral reefs are devoured by the smaller fish, the ocean would completely reflect the sunlight creating very uninhabitable conditions for human beings.

The growing popularity of shark fin soup in Asia is one of the main reasons why sharks are an increasingly threatened species. Considered a delicacy, bowls of the soup can command exorbitant prices. The appeal of this overpriced delicacy has directly contributed to the disturbing practice of finning which involves temporarily removing the shark from the ocean, harvesting the fins from the animal and then returning the de-finned shark to the water. Harvesting the fins alone allows fishing vessels to hold more of the valuable fins without having to store the rest of the shark. Many of the sharks returned to the water are still alive and unable to swim. Unfortunately, they end up suffocating and/or being eaten by predators.

Saving the world’s sharks is no easy task and Veronica is aware of what she is up against. Shark decimation is but one of the many environmental emergencies that threaten the planet. She understands how helpless the average person feels when faced with the destruction caused by large corporations which are somewhat aided and abetted through uninterested world governments. To get the message out about the damage being done to the world’s oceans, Veronica has paired up with actor Leonardo Di Caprio in order to create a short documentary called Worst Shark Attack Ever. Through this documentary, Veronica hopes to get the word out about the peril facing the world’s oceans and also to inspire people to take action that will result in a healthier planet.

However, Veronica is quick to remind us of the urgency of the situation. Sharks are in danger of becoming extinct within this decade. This is a critical period for them – a period in which we must take action. However, all is not lost as there are steps that each of us can take that can help rescue sharks from the brink of extinction.

This proactive movement begins with being conscious about our shopping habits. This means being very careful about the products we buy. We should deliberately refuse to buy products created using substances from the ocean. Veronica wants us to be conscious about how we consume the ocean’s valuable resources. She wants us to remember that over consumption and overfishing play equal parts in pushing the shark population to extinction. Therefore, if we must consume fish, we must be careful to consume fish that are not under threat of extinction. Safe alternatives include herring, salmon and mackerel. Opting for these types of fish, would go a long way towards repairing the ocean’s ecosystem.

Veronica Grey is on what may be a long and somewhat thankless mission. However, it is one that she sees as being absolutely necessary. The first hurdle is awareness of the plight faced by sharks. Once awareness is increased, it can go a long way towards changing the behavior of individuals. Veronica knows that a breakthrough is not only critical but possible. This is why she fights as hard as she does.

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