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Alexandria Altman | WORLDCLASS Magazines Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.18.53 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.19.08 AMAlexandria Altman had a rockier start than most children. At just 3 days old she was delivered to her grandparents’ doorsteps and raised by who she considers to be the two greatest women in the world, her grandmother, and great grandmother. Her two grandmothers raised her like a little princess while instilling in her the importance of caring for nature. She took this instruction and cared for everything in the forest. She also noticed that her grandmothers, while wealthy, were never too aloof to help the needy.

Her grandmother’s attitudes to the environment and towards others have deeply affected her and have influenced to become a humanitarian. She doubts she would have had the same philosophy had she grown up in a traditional family with a mother and a father. As she grew older, she began to invest more time into her favorite charities. Later Altman married one of the wealthiest men in the South and moved to Beverly Hills.

Initially, her husband was everything she had ever dreamed of, but she soon discovered that her marriage was not what she had hoped it to be. She tried to maintain her involvement with her favorite charities, however, her husband had no desire to become a philanthropist and this caused a rift between husband and wife. This prompted Altman to walk away from her marriage and a very comfortable lifestyle.

Alexandria Altman prides herself on never seeking out fame and never trying to be a celebrity. She doesn’t chase her dreams as others do. She believes that people get disappointed when they chase their dreams without achieving them. Instead, she allows her dreams to chase her. Additionally, Altman has never chased celebrities. Instead, she allowed herself to be inspired by those celebrities who used their fame and wealth to improve the world. These celebrities further inspire Altman to give of herself each day.

Whether her kindness is to charities or to the people she meets on her morning coffee run, Altman decides that each day is her opportunity to give her all to make the world a better place. As much as she would like to, Altman doesn’t spend much time lounging around watching TV. Instead, she devotes herself to her work or her humanitarian efforts.

Her own humanitarian efforts are part of the reason why Altman looks up to her favorite celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Richard Branson. It has little to do with them being famous, but more about her respect for their creativity and artistry and how they use their money to better the world.

After divorcing her husband, Altman, moved to Nashville to explore her musical side. She had a desire to meet the most talented man in the music industry. She found Buddy Killen just one week later sitting in a restaurant talking to a man who later turned out to be Garth Brooks. She disobeyed instructions not to approach Mr. Killen, slipped past his bodyguard and tapped Mr. Killen on his shoulder and introduced herself. When the bodyguard noticed Altman he started to remove her, however, Mr. Killen stopped him saying that if Ms. Altman could get past him and his gun “leave her be”. She credits Mr. Killen with opening a number of doors for her in the music industry including the opportunity to establish her own music label.

However, Altman could not shake her fascination with film. A big part of this was her identity as a visual person. When she was just three years old she asked her grandfather for a movie camera. Her grandfather, taken aback by the request, replied that Alexandria must not even know what one does with a movie camera. However, Altman replied adamantly that a movie camera was for making movies. Her method of not only comprehending but also describing the world informs her writing and filmmaking.

Altman admits that even now as an adult she digests everything, whether spoken or written as though it was a movie being screened before her. The same goes for her writing. She sees the events unfolding as a movie in front of her. She doesn’t spend time researching or rereading what she wrote. Instead, she simply transfers whatever she sees to the page.

The sheer amount of work that Alexandria Altman finds herself involved in means that she must stick to a familiar routine each day. She begins her day at 4:30 each morning with prayer and meditation. Altman believes that God put us here to do one thing, which is to love one another. Prayer fills her with an overwhelming sense of goodness, peace and joy. Following this, she works out or does yoga.

Finally, Altman begins her writing whether this is writing novels or writing for film. It takes a lot out of her to write these novels and even after the initial draft it usually takes 4-5 rewrites to get it just right. Altman will write for about 4 hours and then take a break to run some errands. After this, Altman spends a major part of her day on the phone with her business and industry contacts.

Altman has done a talk show called Mission Possible and interviewed well-known celebrities such as Dr. John Gray and Deepak Chopra which was eventually turned into a three-book series. She also wrote the Snow Moon: Cinderella Chronicles and a motivational book called FROG Tales: Pray Before You Leap: Free Rewards of God. Snow Moon: Cinderella Chronicles is about her life. Snow Moon: Cinderella Chronicles came to her at midnight while she was still in the midst of writing another book.

She was lying in bed with her cat and noticed that a shoe had appeared on the bed with no explanation as to how it got there. This prompted Altman to look back on her life and its Cinderella-like quality, being dropped off as in infant to her grandmother’s house, marrying her wealthy husband, moving to Beverly Hills and living a very lavish lifestyle. She poured her life story into this novel. However, she warns that her book is unlike the traditional Cinderella story, although it does share many of the same themes. She believes that the movie made from the book will appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Alexandria Altman is probably one of the busiest and most creative women working in Hollywood today. Her focus on her work and her charities is what earns our collective admiration. With her movies set to come out soon, and more writing on the way, there is a lot to look forward to and we can be sure that Altman will never lose herself in the process.

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