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Dr Sean Ceaser | #WORLDCLASS Magazines Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.10.33 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.10.58 AMDr. Sean Ceaser has derived a wealth of personal satisfaction as a naturopathic oncologist. As his practice has grown, he has witnessed how his work has improved the lives of his patients. This, in turn, has allowed him to see the value of his work as a vehicle for change. A genuine concern for the betterment of his patients has pushed him to excel at what he does and, over the years, come up with complementary cancer treatments that are effective.

When treating cancer patients, Dr. Ceaser’s goal is to afford them the best results possible. He therefore, tries to determine which naturopathic treatments work best in combination with conventional treatments, rather than discouraging patients from using chemotherapy, radiation or surgery when it is appropriate. Most of the cancer patients that visit Dr. Ceaser are being treated with conventional treatments. His aim is to improve the effectiveness of these medical treatments by applying various modalities. He uses IV therapy, dietary therapy, ozone and supplements, as well as hyperthermia and hyperbaric oxygen chambers which his clinic is currently in the process of putting into place. He is careful to point out, however, that while it is his goal for all his patients to feel better and live long lives, not everyone is cured of cancer.

Unfortunately, despite the hundreds of studies completed on naturopathic treatments, there are still many instances of oncologists discouraging patients from using naturopathic treatments fearing that these treatments will, in some way, hinder efficacy of the conventional treatments. However, Dr. Ceaser says that the research does show otherwise.  He says there is a strong body of evidence that shows that the naturopathic treatments he uses, including IV vitamin C, actually increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation and make them more tolerable. Understandably, therefore, Dr. Ceaser sees it as his job to educate his patients about naturopathy and deliver the appropriate treatments to his patients.

Many times Dr. Ceaser encounters patients who do not wish to be treated with conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, believing that these treatments may cause more harm than good. Instead, they wish to be treated entirely with naturopathic treatments. Dr. Ceaser accommodates these types of patients as well. However, he lets his patients know up front that there are no guarantees with regards to their treatment. He says he always discusses with them where the best chance of success lies for each individual case. “Sometimes surgery is not the best option if the cancer has metastasized,” he says. “I see a lot of stage IV cancer cases; their cancer has moved to distant sites. For these cases to do well, my experience has been that naturopathic IV therapies help provide for the best outcomes.”

When treating cancer patients at any stage, Dr. Ceaser relies heavily on his IV treatments, which includes DCA and vitamin C. He believes these are often the best treatment methods. However, importance is also placed upon the patient’s diet, exercise, mental attitude and possible toxicity levels, as all these contribute to a patient’s well-being.

Cancer isn’t the only condition that Dr. Ceaser treats. He also treats patients suffering from Lyme disease – an illness transmitted through tick bites. Although Lyme disease is thought of as a chronic condition, Dr. Ceaser has found that a number of his patients respond quite positively and are often healed by serial IV treatments which includes hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C, amino acids and ozone therapy. Hydrogen peroxide and ozone therapy are particularly useful for their antibacterial qualities. Conventional antibacterial treatments facilitate what is known as the Herxheimer reaction. This is the release of endotoxin-like products following antibiotic treatment. Hydrogen peroxide and ozone therapy do not often facilitate this reaction.

The amino acids therapy which Dr. Ceaser uses helps to build the system by nourishing the muscles and, most importantly, the nervous system. Lyme disease can take a toll on our nervous systems. This damage manifests itself in the form of brain fog or numbness or weakness in our legs.

Dr. Sean Ceaser is also interested in assisting patients in finding relief from their chronic pain. He does this using a treatment known as Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy involves injecting dextrose into the patient’s joints, tendons and ligaments which help the body to promote its own healing. Commonly used painkillers are effective only for a short while and serve only to mask the pain while providing no repair to the patient’s body. Prolotherapy, on the other hand, both manages the pain and repairs the problem that creates the pain in the first place.

PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is another treatment that Dr. Ceaser uses to treat patients with chronic pain. In this therapy, blood is spun down and the platelets retrieved. These platelets are in turn administered to patients who suffer from knee and hip problems, very often saving patients from surgery. PRP therapy helps to decrease pain levels and boosts the body’s ability to repair its damaged tendons and ligaments.

Dr. Ceaser is also interested in helping people who complain about fatigue and low energy. He recognizes that there are many causes of fatigue, however, medical doctors usually check for three main issues: anemia, thyroid issues, and organ disease. Unfortunately, for many suffering from fatigue, these tests come back normal and these patients may be given antidepressants which often do not help, but patients tend to stay on them needlessly. However, it became apparent to Dr. Ceaser that many of his patients who complained about fatigue were in fact suffering from underlying cellular nutritional deficiency. He discovered that patients were not adequately absorbing the nutrients they were already ingesting. Because of this, Dr. Ceaser has employed the use of intravenous nutritional therapy, such as Myers’ pushes, that helps the cells get the nutrients they need, very often correcting fatigue. In some instances, Dr. Ceaser chooses to treat the adrenal glands which are not checked in standard medical testing.

Testing is an important method of finding contributing factors to diseases such as cancer, heart disease and neurological conditions. By testing for lead and cadmium, for example, Dr. Ceaser can take steps to reduce harmful levels of those substances in the body. Although doctors can test for these substances, Dr. Ceaser believes that most testing tends to miss the actual levels of these harmful substances in the body. However, he uses chelation therapy to properly pull these toxic metals from the tissues and they can then be detected in the urine. If heavy metals are found, chelation is used to remove them from the body.

Dr. Ceaser is also buoyed by the great possibilities for a new destination cancer clinic which may be a choice for families who can come with their loved one for naturopathic cancer treatment while enjoying some of North America’s most beautiful coastline. One such development that has caught Dr. Ceaser’s attention is the new town development called Spirit Bay, British Columbia, whose developers were very interested in having a natural cancer treatment as part of their development. Among the amenities to be included in the new development include a spa, sustainable design, and close-knit community living.

There’s perhaps nothing that excites Dr. Ceaser like seeing his patients regain their strength and get back on their feet. He finds immense joy in helping them lead a better life than the one they have been leading before meeting him. Dr. Sean Ceaser believes that laughter and joy are integral components of total healing and strives to have the friendly interactions with his patients that may be missing from a traditional doctor-patient relationship; “I don’t feel right if I don’t make my patients laugh. It’s like music to my ears.” It is this same positive attitude that Dr. Ceaser tries to impart to all his patients and members of staff and is one of the qualities that patients are drawn to the most.

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