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03-04Thank you for your interest in the article posted on me in #WorldClass Magazine, November issue 2015.  After being inundated with questions on how to get started in the world of modeling I felt compelled to share my top 5 tips on what you should do.  

 1) In order to be taken seriously you need to get into the best physical shape possible for your potential market.

 The majority of models working in high fashion today must comply to the following:

 Women should be between 5’8 -65’0 and be able to comfortably wear a size 1 or 2.

Men should be 5’11-6’3, wear a men’s 40R and be lean and muscular

 A popular new trend is for plus size women models.  In order to be successful in these arena women should ideally be size 12-16.

 2) It is paramount to have recent high quality photographs to present to agencies and potential clients.  Although this can be quite expensive , with a little luck and some research you may be able to find aspiring or well known photographer to do a “test shoot”.  What this means is that the photographer will shoot your photographs for free in order to add them to their portfolio.  

After you have a selection of photographs it is always helpful to find an agent with a well-trained eye to help you select which photographs you should use for your work. 

3) If you plan on doing runway modeling it would be helpful to take a course or get instruction on the proper way to walk, move, and display garments that you will be requested to remove on the runway.  For example, there is a skill in walking and removing a coat without showing the inner layer of the coat and making it look graceful, elegant, and appealing to a buyer.  Furthermore, although women will often have accessories, they need to know how to remove them and display them appropriately.  Often its much more difficult for men to model things such as bathing suits and underwear because it is just the model and the article of clothing walking down the runway.  They don’t have the same options that women have because they don’t have the accessories to work with.

4) A necessary skill every model, male or female, will have to eventually know is how to obtain representation by an agency. You can find the leading agencies in your category of the industry at under “top agencies”.  You must then go to agency’s website, or call them directly and find out when they hold “open call”.  This will usually be a 1-2 hour time slot on a weekday where new faces are welcome to come and meet the agency bookers directly.  If there is interest in representation they will take polaroids and use their expertise to decide whether or not you would be a good fit with the agency.  If you are not brought on board, it is important not to get discouraged as each agency has a specific “type” they are looking for which will depend on current market demand with their clientele. 

5) The final tip, and what I believe is the most important of all is that once you do start working you must learn how to build and maintain strong working relationships with your bookers and clients.  This is critical as it will ensure longevity, and create a more successful and lucrative career.  It is highly advisable to keep in constant contact with your bookers.  That means responding to emails and phone calls in a timely fashion and more importantly dropping by the agency weekly.  Having a positive attitude and showing up to a job.

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