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Nick Anthony Zamucen Nick Anthony Zamucen Nick-Anthony Zamucen

Regardless of the number of times you hear Nick-Anthony Zamucen’s success story, it never gets boring. His success story is not only timeless, it’s rare. Hardly do we come across a franchising business which has 100% success rate. Nick-Anthony’s company, Bio-One Inc is one of those rare ones. Bio-One has been around for over twenty years but only began franchising four years ago. It has not had a franchise that has not broken even within eight months. In most business models, breaking even within the first two to three years is considered pretty impressive. What Nick-Anthony’s company has achieved is phenomenal.

The story of how Nick-Anthony began his company is just as fascinating as the incredible success story the company has become. About two decades ago during a church service, the minister told the congregation to go check on one of the church members whose husband had committed suicide. She was not in the service and the pastor knew she needed to be comforted. Nick-Anthony was a church member at that church in southern Georgia. He and a few other church members decided to visit the woman and see how she was doing. They found her seated on the couch. She had not moved from the couch for four days. She pointed them to the back of the door and told them that the police had told her to clean that herself. They did not know what she was talking about. They checked the back of the door that led to the bedroom.

The bedroom was a mess. Blood was everywhere. It was quite clear to them at this stage that her husband had shot himself to death. Some of her fellow church members took her to lunch. The others, including Nick-Anthony, were left cleaning up the mess. Nick-Anthony says back then, they did several things wrong as they cleaned up, but all they wanted to do was to help. He says this is why one of the core beliefs of his company is helping first and doing the business second.

After the cleanup, they discussed the matter and wondered how people across the country deal with such traumatic events. Nick-Anthony wondered how many other cases similar to this were happening in the United States. Then the idea was born. Back then there were no bio companies.

“What if we started a crime scene cleanup company and could actually help people in this time of need?”

Nick-Anthony believes that you have to work every day as if you are going to lose your job; like that is your last to make a difference. This is what he teaches Bio-One franchisees. He believes this is the secret to Bio-One’s incredible success.

For Bio-One, business is everywhere. Nick-Anthony says when they are deciding where to put up a franchise they look purely at the population. He says every year in a population of a million people, there is going to be around 73 suicides, around 24 homicides, a little over 17,000 domestic violence cases and over 30,000 aggravated assaults. These are the numbers they use to determine how much work they are likely to find there.

Bio-One franchising clients come from all over the board; from the military, ex-law enforcement and even ex-firemen just to mention a few. In fact, one of Nick-Anthony’s most successful stories was a stay home mom whose kid had left for college and now she wanted to use her time contributing positively as a member of her society. Nick-Anthony says anyone can succeed franchising this business as long as he has the ability to want to go out and become a productive member of society and have a passion for making a difference in their community every day.

Most people who become Bio-One franchisees are usually people who are already looking for a franchising business. Because of the nature of the business, it is not a business that families can talk about around the dinner table. Many who join Bio-One get to learn about it online or through a broker. A good number of others decide to join the business because they have gone through a traumatizing experience that they wish no one would have to go through.

Nick-Anthony does not require a person to have had experience in business or bio-recovery. He uses whatever life experiences they have to mold them into a prosperous entrepreneur. Nick-Anthony believes his gift is his ability to find the best in someone and multiply that more than they ever thought was possible.

“Give me the person as a piece of clay and I will make them an entrepreneur sculpture,” says Nick-Anthony, “It’s amazing to take somebody who came from the corporate world that has never been an entrepreneur and to see them make their first million dollars and realize that it actually does still happen.”

Nick-Anthony intimates that most of Bio-One franchises end up hiring people in law enforcement or former law enforcement, firemen or emergency medical technicians (EMTs). This is because these people will, more often than not, have been needle-stick and blood borne pathogen certified. They will also have been on crime and traumatizing scenes before and so will not be shocked by what they will see in the field.

Bio-One is preparing to launch internationally. It will be the first crime and trauma scene cleaning company to ever go international. Nick-Anthony says they are very excited by the prospect of going into Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France and the Netherlands.

To those people who are still struggling with the decision of going into this industry: “This is an industry that is like no other. It’s a recession-proof industry. It’s not going anywhere,” Nick-Anthony says, “Unfortunately, people do pass away. People do hurt each other and hurt themselves. And it’s not gonna stop regardless of the economy – so it is not economy-driven.”

“And as of right now, we still have never had a franchise fail underneath the Bio-One flag. So we are at 100% success rate. We’re about as perfect as you get.”

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