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Ryan SnowRyan Snow

Ryan Snow started his career after college. He was a Cutco sales rep right out of school. That summer, he became one of the top ten officers in the company out of about three hundred branch offices that had just opened. Today, Ryan is in real estate sales. He also runs a Keller Williams office outside of Boston. About 100 agents work for him at that office.

Ryan met Hal Elrod through Cutco around 15 years ago. The two of them were not close at the time but Ryan followed Hal online as he became a coach. Ryan also joined one of Hal’s coaching programs. Before the miracle morning routine ever became a book, Hal was teaching it to his coaching clients. Ryan was in Hal’s official launch team of about 20 people and had been practicing the miracle morning routine for just over one year.

From the get-go, the miracle morning routine was life-changing for Ryan. Just before the launch of Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning, Ryan had been discussing with Hal about how his life and business had been transformed. It is during this time that Ryan got the idea of writing a book about the miracle morning specifically for salespeople. As a salesperson himself, Ryan felt he could address some things that the Miracle Morning did not address that specifically relate to salespeople.

“One of the things I felt was lacking a little bit for me is I wanted to be able to directly relate it to my business,” Ryan says, “And so that’s where the idea of The Miracle Morning For Salespeople came from.”

Ryan’s book The Miracle Morning For Salespeople outlines the same practices that Hal Elrod has outlined in his book The Miracle Morning. What is different in Ryan’s book is the way they are packaged. Ryan has packaged the practices differently to make them effective for salespeople. The intent of his book is, therefore a little different and Ryan uses The Miracle Morning SAVERS (Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing) to help people in the sales business to achieve greater results.

As Ryan and his colleagues were putting the book together, they interviewed a couple of dozens of top 1% salespeople from different companies across the country, they found that most of them were using some of the miracle morning routines even though they had not read the book yet at that time. They share in the book how they used these routines to record impressive sales for the companies they work for.

For many salespeople, meditation is a big challenge. Ryan himself says he is a work in progress. He, however, says that what worked for him is starting with short time periods. Instead of trying to eliminate thought and distraction, Ryan says salespeople who are learning to meditate should observe the thoughts and let them dissipate knowing that they can go back to them later. This practice alone can be quite freeing.

Ryan says for most people, it takes around 30 days to get through the miracle morning habits. The first ten days can be unbearable, then the next few ones just uncomfortable, until you reach a point of no return, where you cannot imagine a day without practicing the routines of the miracle morning.

Everything in his life has changed since he started practicing the Miracle Morning. In the last four years alone, his income has more than quadrupled. His demeanor, his level of energy and how he deals with his clients has changed and he attributes this change to the Miracle Morning.

“I don’t even know that I would be a team leader right now. I don’t know that I would be running my own sales team. I don’t know that I would have written a book that was a bestseller in the first couple of months. It’s like an immeasurable amount of change that has happened; all of it because of the Miracle Morning.”

The Miracle Morning For Salespeople is available on Amazon. You can get in touch with Ryan through The Miracle Morning Community or The Miracle Morning for Salespeople Community on Facebook.

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