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Veronica Grey and Justin Bieber 11-12Veronica Grey has graced #WORLDCLASS Magazines Covers twice prior. Find out what caused her popularity…
Ever steady in her path of Christ consciousness, when Veronica saw how impossible it was to bring every gift fans have for Justin with him on the tour, when there would be more gifts at the next stop, it was she who reminded an already altruistic Bieber that there are kids in hospitals who would benefit from those flowers and toys.
This is nothing new for Grey, which is why she is not merely the supermodel of the year, but of the decade, according to the Harvard Faculty Club presented by uber celebrity guru Clint Arthur and his lovely wife Alison Savitch.
Clint and Ali helm which delivers exactly as it states with 100% success rate. They took an unknown barefoot hippy surf chick named Veronica Grey who couldn’t be Googled five years ago and transformed her into the world’s most televised surfer.
Now the media has branded her as the Queen of Surfing.
Yes it helps that she grew up with #1 surfer John John Florence, known as the King of Surfing.
And together John and Veronica have crowned Justin Bieber “Prince of Surfing.”
Don’t expect to catch Bieber on the waves any time soon as his global Purpose Tour extends to December. Veronica personally hopes it goes until next August 2017 and that, “Justin comes back home to Hawai’i with his full extravagant stage show.”
With “Purpose” being his fourth bestselling album, Veronica is just one of many who Justin has influenced into living a life with “Purpose.” It goes both ways for them.
It was probably her most recent award winning environmental documentary “Worst Shark Attack Ever” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, MGMT, The Cure, and John John Florence that catapulted Veronica Grey to A-list status.
She also directed “Aqua Seafoam Shame” (yes, that is a Nirvana lyric) which helped salvage the ocean from plastics. This documentary features Robert August of Endless Summer and music by The Cure and Depeche Mode.
It’s not a big secret that the only meet and greet The Cure have ever had in the past few decades was to stage photos with the supermodel Veronica Grey. They perform in Hawai’i specifically so she doesn’t have to come to them. Not that she minds.
“I get a lot done off band tours,” Grey states. “The energy of these musicians have fueled four #1 bestselling books written by me and published through my not-for-profit organization Eternal Youth Empire.”
The most recent one
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise
The 5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time
has been promoted on major television networks like the CW and NBC.
So what’s the Inside Scoop of the Purpose Tour with Justin Bieber?
“Well it’s pretty funny,” Veronica says. “When he sets foot outside it is like when boats throw bloody fish out in the ocean to go chumming for sharks. It’s a feeding frenzy. The poor little rock star can’t go out for ice cream unless he is hidden in the trunk of a car. When he goes out, I officially call it chumming,” she laughs.
Maybe that’s why Justin cancelled all remaining meet and greets for his Purpose Tour, although insiders say that he pretty much doesn’t want to meet anyone else since he reconnected with long time friend Veronica Grey, who has been running around the rock and roll circus for years, being previously intimately involved with Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, Andrew Vanwyngarden of MGMT, and Oscar winning Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds to Mars.
But it was Justin Bieber and she who “won The Game together.” Everyone else is just a close friend.
“Jared Leto and I met on the set of ‘My So-Called Life‘ and knew each other before we were famous. It is such an honor and privilege to know that each and every Thirty Seconds to Mars album was partially inspired by our special friendship,” explains Veronica, who is careful not to fall into the cliche’ of rock stars who married supermodels.
“Yeah there are plenty of supermodels who married rock stars but I am one who uses my name to raise Christ consciousness on this planet. Maybe it’s simply with a clean living vegetarian lifestyle of moderate temperance when it comes to alcohol,” Grey finishes.
Either way all these supermodel rock star secrets that make you more attractive to members of the opposite sex including stopping or reversing the aging process can be found in her book
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise
The 5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time
which went number one in half the countries that Amazon is even available.
So with four number one bestselling books and three award winning environmental documentaries under her belt, we can come to expect more from Veronica Grey for the remainder of the decade as its reigning super model.
“In the meanwhile I am happy to be paid to surf on TV shows like ‘Hawai’i 5-0’and meeting my favorite musicians on tour, whether or not I am married to one.”
The Cure are once again touring this year and you can be sure Veronica Grey will be in their audience on July 16 in Hawai’i and maybe other cities throughout May and June.
“And last time I was at Burning Man, Skrillex was there so maybe he’ll be there again this year. I just wanna congratulate him, Diplo, and of course Justin Bieber for their recent Grammy win for ‘Where Are You Now’.”
Thank you Veronica Grey for letting us know where you are now. Namaste?

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